Heads of State Ultimate Inc.

Named after a line from a CAKE song, Heads of State were born as a juniors club in 2006. During a long, late night expedition to the Pancake Parlour in Melbourne – decisions were made to start an open age club. On that same night an adventurous five year plan to win a national championship was put in place by this group of 19 year olds. Since its inception, Heads of State has competed at the World Ultimate Club Championships in 2010 and 2014 and has also claimed the Australian Ultimate Championship title in 2015 to add to its pair of Australian Youth Ultimate Championship titles from 2006 and 2008. Heads of State current fields four teams in the Open division, two teams in the Women's division, and two teams in the Mixed division to compete at different levels from local Victorian Ultimate League competitions through to WUCC at the international level.

Women's Teams

Melbourne Phoenix

Phoenix was the brain child of Rainbow Apostol. After playing University Ultimate Rainbow wanted to provide an opportunity for brand new players to learn the joys of Ultimate in a social environment. This team strives to be a competitive force within Women’s Ultimate whilst maintaining a fun and social atmosphere on and off the field.
Since starting in 2016 the team has grown. After finishing 8th at Division Two Nationals in 2016, Phoenix went on to compete in the Division One Nationals in 2017 and placed 11th.
Phoenix has featured players competing at a world’s level in beach, U23’s and U19’s. Phoenix is just starting to place their stamp on Australian Ultimate. Watch this space!

Melbourne Inferno

After Heads of States Women’s team had a successful year in 2016, the decision was made to expand the women’s side of the club into two teams. This group of athletic females demonstrated the Heads of State spirit and finished 7th at Division Two Nationals. This team focuses on developing new athletes and opening up pathways into Division One. Inferno is comprised of newer players looking to develop their Ultimate skills. Inferno is creating a name for themselves being one of the few Victorian Division Two teams associated with a club. Keep an eye out for these girls as they will be a force to be reckoned with.